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STUDY CLOSING: Research Study - University Auxiliary Services

  • 1.  STUDY CLOSING: Research Study - University Auxiliary Services

    Posted 07-11-2018 06:56 PM
    Dear Colleagues,

    I wanted to thank you to everyone who has completed the research survey!  I sincerely appreciate the emails of support and interest in the study results which I look forward to sharing in the future.

    This is the final week of the survey so if you have not had the opportunity to participate in this independent, national research study "University Auxiliary Services: A Review of Factors Impacting Privatization Decisions" please click this link to access the survey:    This study should take between 8 – 10 minutes to complete. Your participation is voluntary, and all responses will be kept strictly confidential.   Administrators who manage or oversee any privatized (contracted, outsourced, hybrid) services at public four-year institutions are encouraged to complete this survey.

    Thank you so much for your willingness to assist me with this important study.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.


    Rita Gordon

    Rita Gordon, PhD Candidate, MBA
    Director - Administrative Services
    University of Michigan-Dearborn