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Exciting New Position: Student Systems Coordinator

  • 1.  Exciting New Position: Student Systems Coordinator

    Posted 02-11-2022 01:35 PM

    Hello colleagues,

    I'm sharing an exciting opportunity we've created at Clark State to help create, improve, and assess relationships between students, staff, and faculty. Please share this liberally in any of your professional networks.

    Student Systems Coordinator  

    Wages: full-time, $20/hour (approx. 2080 hours per year)


    This position is responsible for maintaining and developing communication management in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, Slate, using User Experience Design (UX Design) while collaborating with all student affairs. In addition to maintain the CRM, this position is responsible for compiling data for Student Affairs to assist with student recruitment, retention, and completion. The position will assist with the onboarding survey for students and distribute the results to the appropriate departments for assistance. 

    Keywords: customer relationship management, user experience design, retention, assessment, continuous improvement, intervention, technology


    1. Continuous process improvement of Slate for Student Affairs
    2. Assist the Academic Progress Coordinator with academic alert contacts and tracking
    3. Track and develop plans of communication throughout the onboarding process; and prepare reports demonstrating progress from semester to semester.
    4. Help create, develop, and evaluate assessment for Student Affairs by request
    5. Organizes and contributes to research projects, upon request from other student affairs departments.
    6. Distribute advising data amongst advisors
    7. Provide updates to student affairs as requested for strategic enrollment management or other committee meetings
    8. Analyze a variety of data for student affairs administrative team to improve processes and planning
    9. Distribute and oversee the onboarding survey to evaluate the student needs while collaborating with other support offices
    10. All other duties assigned by supervisor.


      *   Bachelor's degree required, Master's preferred in Psychology (with significant research methodology), Management Information Systems, Statistics or related.

      *   Experience with higher education software applications preferred

      *   3-5 years of experience analyzing data and/or creating assessment plans preferred

      *   Experience working with a communication management system preferred


      *   Knowledge of computer applications, preferably related to data and communication

      *   Excellent analytical ability to strategically discuss data

      *   Ability to effectively communicate and present information to individuals and groups

      *   Experience with Microsoft Office suite including intermediate to mastery skills with Excel

      *   Ability to work in a self-motivated, fast paced environment that requires the ability to prioritize projects

      *   Analytical and critical thinking skills

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    Michael Key
    Academic Progress Coordinator
    Clark State College